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RaceID tower-grid

Posted: Fri 17. Feb 2023 14:41
by kiklo
I'm going to test how well it will work with RaceID IR facing up and having it register in an overhead 'bridge'. And testing the distance needed.

You wil not need to cut in the track and you will be more free to rearange the start/finish line. Or add intermediat time segments.

The legs will have room for fasteners ( glue in magnets and screws into the board ) and the Arduino Nano timing device. So you only need to have the USB cabel from there to your PC.
RacID-timngtower.png (248.91 KiB) Viewed 367 times
Here is the RaceId system.!/magracing-raceid

Re: RaceID tower-grid

Posted: Mon 20. Feb 2023 07:13
by kiklo

So a distance from a few mm to 2cm works great.
IMG_20230220_080745.jpg (80.24 KiB) Viewed 344 times
The most important factor seems to be to have the IR pointing straight up.

Re: RaceID tower-grid

Posted: Tue 21. Mar 2023 13:11
by speedone

Using RaceID IR and an airbridge is a smart solution that will give you more flexibility in your circuit design. Have you considered integrating NFTs into your MAGracing installation? With the rise of NFTs in the gaming world, there is an opportunity to create unique digital assets that could enhance the experience of MAGracing enthusiasts. Something to think about!

Re: RaceID tower-grid

Posted: Tue 21. Mar 2023 14:37
by kiklo
No need to add cost to this hobby. When it has grown the hottest hobby in town then we will see. :-(