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Good to hear from you Wes. Yes my address is the same. 5-6 spare pinions would do . let me know the cost. The only pinion I could find close was old "Aurora" HO scale hardware. Had to glue it on the shaft to keep it from spinning. Bought some new 10440 batteries and the power up problem in the cars has seemed to disappear. Apparently the LION batteries degrade over time when not regularly used. I wonder if there is a way to "load test" them like a automobile battery. Really like the 1/24 scale . An almost endless variety of stock car model kits on the market to choose from. Had a friend video a car doing hot laps and everyone he's showed it to initally thinks its a real stock car on a real track !! Thanks again. Ken.
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Re: Latest News from Magnetic Racing

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goatdope wrote: Thu 7. Feb 2019 15:47 My portable scale 1/4 mile oval motordrome has been in storage for 2 years. Have 13 stockcars of 70s vintage that use the original chassis. will set up this summer . Excited about the new S01 adjustable chassis.
Are there any pics of these cars/track? I didn't see any posted - I may have missed them...
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