Greetings from Idaho

Tell us about you self, where you from, your car/cars, where you are driving your MAGracing cars etc. etc.
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Greetings from Idaho

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I was considering taking up slot cars again ( the last time was 50 years ago) when I saw Magracers on Utube. Magracers seem better than traditional slot cars in just about every way. I'd even prefer building my own track.

I see there's not much activity on this forum. Has magracing come and gone? I hope not.

Nick Brown, Boise, Idaho
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Re: Greetings from Idaho

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Welcome to the fora.

Not at all, Magracing has come, but the inventor sold magracing to new owners, and they are on the way with a new and updated car, there was some problems with the original, and we hope the new ones will be better.
So just take a look around and read the post, there are so many possibilities with this. :yes
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