Hello From Hertford UK

Tell us about you self, where you from, your car/cars, where you are driving your MAGracing cars etc. etc.
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Hello From Hertford UK

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Hello Everyone,
Thank you all for your posts over the last couple of years. I've been following the Forum with great interest and learned much along the way.
Although I raced slot cars in the late 60's I really didn't touch the hobby again (to busy sailing and karting) until Wes launched Magracing several years ago.

I bought a McLaren and built a test track which I extended last year. I must say it all worked perfectly from day one and is a tribute to Wes who persevered
through what must have seemed at times insurmountable problems.

It's been great fun .

Now Wes has decided to make a small batch of cars and I have a little more time on my hands it's sparked my enthusiasm and I plan to
extend the track again. Please don't ask for pictures of the track as it's a very amateurish effort compared to some I've seen on the Forum.

I do hope that Migrating grows, as it deserves to, and reaches a wider audience of model racing fans.

Again, thank you for all the posts you have made to help a lesser skilled hobbyist learn about this unique racing system.
Next year, with more time available, I hope to be more involved with what I still consider to be the best model car racing
system on the market.

For now,

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