MAG Track build has started

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MAG Track build has started

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We have started to build track 1 in the MAGracing adventure, this will be a portable track so this can be displayed locally to draw in new racers, size will be 21 ft x 6ft.
Photos of the build will be posted as we progress. We are considering starting races at the club 2nd and 4th Sunday mornings once completed, although as with lots of other reports batteries are taking forever to arrive from China!
I will be going for another race night at Wes's in the next weeks, and will be purchasing a fleet of cars (with reverse), and hopefully get my current 2 modified!
Regards Nigel.
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Re: MAG Track build has started

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:yes Nigel,
Great hear you are joining the club as such. Will wait to see your photos as you post them. I will be starting on my nascar Daytona tri-oval as soon as the temp here in New York state start to climb above freezing.

later to you and all the forum Maggers.

Chris :respect
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