Hello, i'm here !

Tell us about you self, where you from, your car/cars, where you are driving your MAGracing cars etc. etc.
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Re: Hello, i'm here !

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Welcome Quentin, Magracing is a relatively new kind of 1:32 scale model auto racing. I think it is better than slot car racing because:
No wires or slots.
Variable forward and reverse speeds and acceleration.
More realistic speeds and acceleration compared to slot cars.
Forward & reverse makes it easy for a wayward car to get back on the track/road.
No track marshals needed for small or large layouts.
More realistic racing, track/road modeling.
Cars are powered by inexpensive rechargeable batteries.
Unlimited custom track design possibilities.
Less expensive to build a track compared to slot cars.
Pit lane possible.
Bifurcated road possible.
Cars can change lanes at spots built into the track.
Single lane and multi lane road sections possible in the same track.
More than a dozen cars can race at the same time on a 2-lane road..
Lap counter and timer available.
Ghost car possible.
Clockwise or counter clockwise racing with no changeover or modification required.
Let us know if you have any questions.
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