Routing 12mm mdf / 2023 'Hobbymessen' (hobbyfaire)

Questions and Ideas to track building, how are you doing it? need help? new features? share your ideas.
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Routing 12mm mdf / 2023 'Hobbymessen' (hobbyfaire)

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Hi all. No, Magracing has not derailed. I have put some effort into the routing design for my Maslow router.
I'll share the best I can.

Lately I have been using a free CAD tool called LibreCAD.
then a program (web based) called Krabzcam ( to generate the files for my router.

Free options are normally not with all the bells and whistles but for me it work.

The trick is to make things reusable / in modules - it takes some practice.

Here is a track I used at the 2023 'Hobbymessen' (hobbyfaire) in our region.

Just an oval but I's easy to drive and manage. And a test for my connectiong system.
This time I used std MDF 12mm x 24000 x 1200 sheets.


Rigging evening.
IMG_20231020_191719 (Custom).jpg
IMG_20231020_191719 (Custom).jpg (115.28 KiB) Viewed 17957 times
IMG_20231027_082648 (Custom).jpg
IMG_20231027_082648 (Custom).jpg (27.89 KiB) Viewed 17957 times
Racing Regards

Kim K.
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