ESCs and experiences.

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Re: ESCs and experiences.

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Re. voltage to motor, I have no original 868mhz cars still running so cannot directly compare them but I have certainly not noticed that my 2.4mhz cars are any slower. I have cars with Das Micro escs, K012R escs, and the Magnetic board and it's difficult to say which is the faster on the track. I suspect that differences in motor power possibly have greater effect than the escs. In fact my cars now seem if anything faster than before. This is possibly due to my change to foam rubber rear tyres. The foam is EPDM Firm Grade which gives minimal grip so cars still need to be slowed before turns so driving skill is still needed but cornering speeds are slightly higher so exit speed is higher and max. speed on the strait correspondingly faster. Also my 1/24 track has slightly larger radius turns so again exit speeds and straight line speeds are faster.
I agree with Ned that there are many factors involved and I wouldn't worry too much about o.1 volt.
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