Flysky Transmitter/Controller

Questions, Tips and Tricks about the transmitter, the electronics in the car etc.
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Flysky Transmitter/Controller

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I understand that Flysky has made (and perhaps still does make) transmitters which operate on the protocols, AFHDS and AFHDS 2A. The protocol is analogous to the language that the transmitter uses to communicate with the receiver. AFHDS is not forwards compatible with AFHDS 2A, the later being the newer protocol. As far as I know the difference between the protocols is Telemetry Capability, or two way communication between the transmitter and receiver. AFHDS 2A has it; AFHDS does not. Some Flysky Txs are capable of handling both protocols but most are not. Is all of this correct? Many of you out there know a lot more about this RC stuff than I do. Please speak up if you think this is incorrect.

Will Martin’s new cars work with either Tx protocol? If you are running one of Martin’s new cars, please let us know what protocol your transmitter is using, AFHDS or AFHDS 2A.
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Re: Flysky Transmitter/Controller

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My FS-GT2B is using AFHDS and works with the new cars.
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