the DIP switch and the 16 channels

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the DIP switch and the 16 channels

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The Dip switch in the transmitter chooses which car its control.

It is absolute forbidden to have two or more transmitters turned on on the same frequencies, this will make it impossible to steer the car.

in the other way if there are two or more cars with the same frequencies the transmitter will steer both cars.

So with 4 Dip switches there are 16 different frequencies, that give us up to 16 cars on the track on the same time. which is enough even for larger clubs.
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The Dip switch also change the signal from the IR transmitter in the bottom of the car, this transmitter is for the future, giving signal to the lapcounter.
but there are more possibilities with this IR transmitter in the future, control of which cars entering the pit lane, control of jump start on the starting grid etc.etc.
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Re: the DIP switch and the 16 channels

Post by Lasp »

The binery system is weight and counting from the right.

Sorry too se that the switch are markt at the wrong way.

Just add the value from the very right 1,2,4,8 if its On!

I will check when the cars arrive.
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