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Re: operating frequency

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I just had a look at the car board and the radio unit is an off the shelf item RFM12B-S2-86. They are available in the UK from the following website.

http://skpang.co.uk/catalog/wireless-86 ... 0_204.html

The page has links to datasheet and arduino sketches etc.

It is actually a tranceiver so in theory the car would be capable of sending data back to the hand set if the attached microcontroler was set up to do so.

The microcontroller is a PIC16F1939

http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/D ... 01574C.pdf

On the underside of the board are what look like 4 FETs which take the microcontroller output and enable control of higher currents to control the motor and steering coil. (I assume two for the coil and two for the motor)

I notice under the board there are also 7 contacts (labeled P1). Probably programing contacts for uploading firmware to the microcontroller.

I had a quick look at the datasheets and the radio module has its frequency set externally via the pins. So the microcontroller will connect to the DIP switches and then on power up this will set the frequency channel of the radio unit.
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