the braking

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Re: the braking

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Ok JMR, I will get our radio man to look into it. Braking can speed up lap
times but also increase the chance of another car running into the back of
the leading car. Maybe the program needs a tweak. Probably it is better
without any braking.
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Re: the braking

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for me this is not a problem, this is just a finding.
The operation is very much like it.
Thanks WestR
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Re: the braking

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hello,i tryed to glue a ring on the throttle of the transmitter. so you use the reverse to brake.the reason that rc cars dont do this is the very high torque of the motors. it will destroy the diffs and gears if you have much grip on the wheels . but with the weight of a magracingcar its no problem.but i have to say its not easy to handle,you must have a cool finger not hektik. after testing a while i removed it ,because there are to much errors while braking.and we were not realy faster,only more accidents are the results.i think the system brings a lot of fun even without brakes.greetings markus
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