MagRacing double as BLST. (sillage track)

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MagRacing double as BLST. (sillage track)

Post by kiklo » Tue 15. Jan 2019 10:49

Hi all.

I have been thinking for a while to do a dual purpose track.

Running one direction as a MagRacing and opposite as a BLST MagRacing. I'm only thinking of a manual track, no computer control.

My reasons for this (the BLST addition ).

When you run with ghost cars (BLST dir.) : they follow racing line all the time. It will be more challenging to run against them.

For novice easier to run - work better as a rental track.

Of course there will be some challenges:

Would need symmetrical lap timing setup and start grid.
Getting the lane change to work as needed in both directions.

Any good ideas of how to get it to work would be welcome.
Racing Regards

Kim K.

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