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Availability of Cars

Posted: Mon 11. Mar 2019 18:50
by Jimbo

It's great to see Magracing on the up again.

I've been away from Magracing for a while but having more time on my hands now I'm thinking of getting started again.
I see there have been some upgrades while I've been away.
My question is, are the cars available in the UK and if so where from?

Re: Availability of Cars

Posted: Tue 12. Mar 2019 13:54
by HeliumFrog

We have a few chassis available on ebay at the moment. These are the adjustable ones. We are also in the process of producing a new batch of fixed chassis which will be available soon along with the bodies.

[ ... 7675.l2559][/url]

Re: Availability of Cars

Posted: Wed 13. Mar 2019 12:52
by Jimbo
Thanks for replying so promptly.
It's encouraging that that you have taken this up.
I'll look forward to future developments.

I'll be looking to find highly detailed bodies to fit your new chassis, particually
Le Mans cars, so any help or suggested suppliers of these will be most welcome.

I'll have a look at eBay as you suggest.



Re: Availability of Cars

Posted: Wed 13. Mar 2019 19:53
by Ned
It’s difficult to fit an LMP body like the one pictured below, to a magracing chassis, but it is possible.

This kind of body with deep NASA ducts in front restricts the left and right turning of the front wheels. This car will not go around a corner for which the radius of the guide wire is 9”. I’m quite certain that it would work fine if the radius were greater than 12”.


I purchased this body from pbandjimm on ebay for about $10 plus shipping. It’s a light weight SCX PRO body.

Re: Availability of Cars

Posted: Thu 14. Mar 2019 18:21
by Jimbo
Hi Ned,
You've done a cracking job on that. It looks great.
I've now found all my Magracing parts and my old test track in the loft,
so tomorrow I'll start figuring out how to re-assemble it to confirm
everything still works.

For now,