F1 Stockcar racer

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F1 Stockcar racer

Post by WesR » Tue 29. Mar 2016 22:20

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Further to my comments on the Lago-Talbot topic re. our r/c sales of 2 historic cars and 25000+ F1 Stockcars, perhaps we should be considering this further. F1 Stockcars are hairy V8 powered beasts popular in the U.K., Holland and possibly elsewhere. They race on small flat oval tracks, often with loose shale surfaces, and contact, or 'Nerfing,' is allowed, i.e. the leading cars can be pushed into the outer track barrier. The skill is not so much driving the track as driving around the other cars!
Scalextric made Stock slot cars and we used to make bodyshells for 1/32 slot stockcars. But 'nerfing' would not be possible with analogue slots. It would with digital but marshalls would be continuously trying to put cars back in the slot which would not be easy with 5 other cars possibly in the same slot and lapping in say 4 secs.! With Magracing of course it would be different.
A small 2 lane oval would be easy to build. Racing lines each end, a few lane changes and, I think, enough space outboard of the outer lane for cars to hit the barrier and recover without blocking the race line. Fullsize cars can normally run into the infield if necessary.
Not sure if 1/32 would be possible but 1/24 is more impressive anyway.
Perhaps Markus could build one for us. No rush Markus, next week would be fine!

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Re: F1 Stockcar racer

Post by Keld » Wed 30. Mar 2016 09:29

WesR wrote:Perhaps Markus could build one for us. No rush Markus, next week would be fine!

If we all had the same skill and time as Markus, there would be a whole world full of nice magracing track and cars.

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Re: F1 Stockcar racer

Post by Ned » Wed 30. Mar 2016 13:38

Cool looking car Wes! If I had a 1/24 body I'm sure I could build a chassis to fit but I'm sure Markus could do it faster.
Somebody needs to build a nerfing track and try out this idea. Wes, how large are these full scale tracks? A quarter mile? It should be very easy to build a modular 1/24 scale model of a real track that can be quickly put together on the ground.

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Re: F1 Stockcar racer

Post by WesR » Wed 30. Mar 2016 19:12

Yes Ned, tracks can be as small as 440 yds which I reckon would need around 6' x 9' (2mtrs x 3mtrs) in 1/32 or 10' x 17' (3mtrs x 5mtrs) in 1/24 scale. Vac forming a body would be easy but I would probably vac form body and chassis to get started. 3D would of course be ideal for the chassis long term. I will look up the dimensions and give it some thought.

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Re: F1 Stockcar racer

Post by goatdope » Mon 4. Apr 2016 18:32

Yes fellas, The simple small oval is the easiest to learn to drive on. My scale 1/32 quarter mile motordrome can be driven on the racing "groove" by only using the throttle. Thus saving the battery. I'm still waiting for some real race drivers to try out this track. I did help out in the pits on an old freinds stock car last summer. I feel this needs to happen with the real drivers because it will definately proove the concept. Like a big pile of wood , it takes a while for a blazing fire to really get going. When "Mag Racing" gets going, it will really be BIG !!! Ken. The track itself measures 16' x 8' perfect for a 2 car garage.

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Re: F1 Stockcar racer

Post by Lasp » Mon 4. Apr 2016 19:45

Yes Its that size thats is needed for a good Magracing track ! As in the metric system as wee are in too ;-) 2.5 meter x 5 meter A kurve should never have less than 40 cm in radie.
When I tested som of the MagRacing cars, ther was a slightly differens bye left and right turn!
Test it by yurself before you build the track.

I am soon comming up with some new track. (and cars).

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