'Routing the Keld method' (Dremel saw)

Questions and Ideas to track building, how are you doing it? need help? new features? share your ideas.
rex craemer
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Re: 'Routing the Keld method' (Dremel saw)

Post by rex craemer » Sun 31. Jan 2016 07:57

glues everything very good

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Re: 'Routing the Keld method' (Dremel saw)

Post by BriG » Sun 23. Oct 2016 02:44

Hi, I have questions for rex craemer first,

I've seen the videos of your track and the cars seem to run nicely around it at very good speeds. I am curious about how it was built.

What material is the track and was it routed for the wire?
What size wire did you use and was it coiled or straight pieces?

And questions for anyone else reading this, would anyone recommend using one specific size wire everywhere or mix sizes?

Finally, seeing as .026, .029, .031, .033, .035 diameters are readily available from McMaster Carr and very reasonable in spools, would any of those be suitable and easy enough to use in a routed MDF or plywood track? I guess I'm ready to experiment like everyone else, just looking for suggestions before I do.



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Re: 'Routing the Keld method' (Dremel saw)

Post by Ned » Sun 23. Oct 2016 04:19

I have tried coiled and straight wire. I still have the coiled wire. I strongly recommend straight piano wire, also called music wire. My entire track is made from .032" diameter music wire purchased from ACE Hardware. It's very inexpensive. It's made by K&S Precision Metals in Chicago, stock #501. For this size wire you need a groove in the baseboard about .035" wide and .035" deep. That size groove (slot) is very difficult to make in MDF with a router bit. MDF is very hard causing the bits to break. Plywood would be easier to cut with a router bit. There is no need to use more than one size wire to build a track.

You need to determine how you are going to cut the slot in your baseboard before you purchase your wire. Music wire with a diameter from .028" to .032" should work fine.

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Re: 'Routing the Keld method' (Dremel saw)

Post by WesR » Sun 3. Jun 2018 19:02

IMG_8895 (640x426).jpg
IMG_8895 (640x426).jpg (198.36 KiB) Viewed 589 times
Plaster slot track (640x426).jpg
Plaster slot track (640x426).jpg (182.86 KiB) Viewed 589 times
As most will know, I do of course favour plaster tracks, much to the horror of the slot racing fraternity. I recently came across this slot track (courtesy Pinterest) with wooden slots and some form of plaster/filler surface. It looks pretty good (shame about the slots!) The plaster is 1/4" (6mm) thick so needs 6 times as much plaster as a magracing track! Apparently the builder thinks the rougher surface looks more realistic than smooth board.

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