Cabel length test

before a track could be used for serius racing and not only for practice, there must be a lapcounting system.
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Cabel length test

Post by kiklo » Tue 23. Feb 2016 18:22

I did a quick cabeltest to see if a long interface cable would spell trouble.

Tested cabellenght from IR receiver to print circuit.

2 m TP Cat 5 all ok. Grey cable.

20- m strait 4 lead cabel, shielded. White cable. NO Problem !!

If you use CAT6 cable you could probably go further.

Still this is only in test/bench not track mounted. Se picture.
cabeltest.JPG (155.89 KiB) Viewed 2441 times
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Re: Cabel length test

Post by steellynx » Tue 23. Feb 2016 21:01

Good work. Thanks :)

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