Does the counter work after car (reverse) update?

before a track could be used for serius racing and not only for practice, there must be a lapcounting system.
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Does the counter work after car (reverse) update?

Post by SlotCarsten » Wed 24. Apr 2013 18:05

I borrowed a car from Keld after it has been upgraded with the "Reverse" feature.

To me it seems like the counter diode at the bottom of the car no longer function as it is supposed to.
It blinks the proper car id code for about 80 mS, then something like half the frequency it is supposed to for another 80 mS, followed by 25 mS of "Nothing". This was measured at the diode, not from my sensor. Since we are supposed to pick up the car-ID in roughly 2 mS, this represents serious problems.

I currently only have a test population of one. This car might be defect, or the micro processor code responciple for sending the correct code got accidentally changed/destroyed when the car was upgraded for "Reverse".

At any rate with such random behaviour, it is not possible to properly sense the car id, thus any counting system based on the diode are unlikely to function.

Are there anyone else that have experienced this issue?

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Re: Does the counter work after car (reverse) update?

Post by Keld » Fri 26. Apr 2013 14:39

send you a suggestion on mail.

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