Non deslotting works why not for magracing ?

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Non deslotting works why not for magracing ?

Post by Pal-Al » Wed 22. Nov 2017 15:07

Some years back I built an HO track that featured non de-slotting racing ! The theory being for every jack knife the car made at least 1 foot was lost and this theory proved to be correct as in a one minute race a difference of 2 laps was seen between the well driven car verses the poorly driven car and this all without deslotting !
Why not then build a magracing track with a groove to accept a steel braid in however design you wish and have the magnetic attraction strong enough to keep the car from coming away from the braid ! The proper tire grip along with the proper car speed would keep the car on the track allowing only fish-tailing which causes much time loss ! Tracks would be far easier to build and could be manufactured in sections opening up many more possibilities !
Non deslotting really works and eliminates many head-aches such as marshalling, frustration by rookies etc. Every one finishes the race however the best driver still wins but usually by a smaller margin ! This all assuming that the required magnetic strength is available !

Just thinking out loud : Al

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Re: Non deslotting works why not for magracing ?

Post by Keld » Mon 27. Nov 2017 10:25

Nice thoughts

Now i am thinking.................... :think

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