Joel Where are you??????????????

here the word is free (almost) if you would like to discuss real cars ore something else, but nothing that can offence people.
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Joel Where are you??????????????

Post by Oldgoat » Sat 31. Aug 2013 14:46

:usch Hello all

Anyone heard or talked to Joel LeNoir in the last couple months? I sent him a box of hard body 1/32nd to check out and he seems to have dropped of the planet these last couple months. Would like to know thew status of my bodies and I have sent him about 4 PMs without any response, sure hope he is okay.

thanks for your time all and talk later

Chris :beer
aka Oldgoat

any info send to

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Re: Joel Where are you??????????????

Post by Lasp » Sat 31. Aug 2013 18:37

At a saterday night, and with som Snow Grouse i my right hand,
I just wonder if Joel is something with Noel, and LeNoir means The Black Night in France?

Hoops you get it all right!

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