MAGRACING ... Here to stay!

here the word is free (almost) if you would like to discuss real cars ore something else, but nothing that can offence people.
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MAGRACING ... Here to stay!

Post by Raudi1 » Fri 8. Mar 2013 18:15

Ok guys, let's open it up and talk about the elephant that's in the room.

If any of you did not already have a bunch of money invested in cars and/or tracks, why would you start with slot cars today?

I've raced slot cars for varying lengths of time at three different periods in my life, and was around during the heady days of the 60's. I have experienced the rush of running G-27 and Open wing cars on a glued up King track. I've experienced the concentration required to race Eurosport and G-12 cars where any "off" can cost you a race.

Being out of slots for about 15 years now, I have no dog in this fight any more. But I can say this was interesting enough to draw me into build a track and the results are every bit as advertised.

Track building no longer requires highly skilled wood crafters or a bunch of expensive pre made pieces. These cars are light enough they don't destroy themselves when they go off track, precise enough they require absolute concentration to race, small enough anyone can build a track in a spare room, and cheap enough anyone can own. Now with reverse, even the big 1/10 scale RC guys have to take a second look!

So let's hear it. What' your argument to start out in slots today or do you agree with me that in ten years they'll just be a memory?

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Re: MAGRACING ... Here to stay!

Post by maxmercy » Fri 8. Mar 2013 23:48

I think that for this small a car and track, this method of racing can be enjoyed by nearly anyone. I've had 1/10 RC Offroad cars, and the space needed and the amount of car-car contact was non-trivial on smaller tracks, and required a lot of skill to be decent enough to race with others without constantly being the person that would just be the 'wrecker'.

I remember great times with my father with HO slot cars when I was 5-7 years old, then again around 12 yrs old, but have been out of it for a long time. Now that I have a little one, I thought he might enjoy it, and this modern take on it really intrigued me.

HO scale would be better for my space situation, but with the smaller lane requirements, I think 1/32 should be nice.


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Re: MAGRACING ... Here to stay!

Post by tsmra » Sat 9. Mar 2013 16:18

Raudi1 wrote:If any of you did not already have a bunch of money invested in cars and/or tracks, why would you start with slot cars today?
Yes I would choose slot cars.
  • 1. They have an established history, distribution network and a hole bunch of Forums dedicated to the activity and modification of slot cars.
    2. Slot cars are far more detailed.
    3. You can choose the speed you race them at. Just install some type of voltage limiting switch on the track and you can choose any thing between scale speed to Speed Crazed Moron out for destruction, or what ever suits your skill level / risk comfort.
I see you raced Group 27. You then probably know how addictive that speed and flow can be no matter how unrealistic it is in comparison to the actual cars they are suppose to be emulating.

MAGracing does have a place and at this point seems to be niche thing. Think I will enjoy it but would like the ability to adapt it to a different scale and genre of car.

As it appears MAGracing cars are just at the start-up phase and it looks like Wes is making improvements to the cars. If the Reverse improvement was because of customer feed back that is VERY encouraging.

Just my opinion...and you know what the saying is about those.


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Re: MAGRACING ... Here to stay!

Post by Lasp » Sat 9. Mar 2013 17:37

Hard to decide and to judge!
To be able to choose, you need some knowledge. There are lot of influence to others from us how use MagRacing.

I have almost sell hundreds of 1:32 and a few 1:24, I dont miss it.
Today I make some laps with different chassis on my MagCar , just to try to learn more about RaceLine! Important.
And the I take all the pieces down and put up a Digital Carrera, OK to race and Run, but not the same fun!

When we all have learn more about MagRacing, I belive thats the One for Me!

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Double Naught
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Re: MAGRACING ... Here to stay!

Post by Double Naught » Sat 9. Mar 2013 19:54

Well I have to admit that I don't think I will spend much more money on slot cars. Although the 1/32 bodies and paint are very appealing. For me it is a matter of value, I have a nice 3 lane 90 foot long 1/32 track that I enjoy driving on but to race with only 3 lanes makes large groups a challenge time wise. I also seem to get sucked into the need for speed with the slot cars expecting them all to be fast and handle well, costing too much in upgrades. I quite like the idea of a stock, unmodified car with the only investment is tape for the tires. I think the MAGracing is very good value, for under $140.00 CDN you are up and running with one car, controller, batteries and charger. $50 to $100 to build a very cool track, I'm sold.

Paul :thumpup

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Re: MAGRACING ... Here to stay!

Post by Raudi1 » Fri 15. Mar 2013 04:00

While I agree that speed is addictive, I always felt the main thing lacking in slots was the Mano a Mano competition. Instead it was much more like an time trial where you went as fast as you could and at the end looked up to see who had the highest lap total. Only on very rare occasions did you experience side by side racing.

Indeed I believe that was the main impetus for RC cars. Here you actually race as you would a full size car against another driver. However the lack of precise control leaves you needing a huge area to set up a track.

And let's not even talk about the comparison of building, owning and maintaining a track! There's not a commercial track owner alive that wouldn't kill for the simplicity of a magracing track.

Magracing offers side by side and nose to tail racing lap after lap for evenly matched drivers. Now we have if not the best of both worlds, at least a combination that in sum is better, and at a bargain basement price, and this is just for starters.

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